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We have some awesome news to share with regards to the status of our network. As you may know from previous development updates, we've been working for quite some time on the server. But we always felt that we lacked in terms of communication and providing you with updates. Whether this was due to lack of time, loss of motivation, or some other reason - we had to improve on this aspect.

And that's why we're releasing a live testing environment of the server.

But wait, a live testing environment? What do you mean?

ℹ More information
We will be opening the server to the public, and players will be able to follow the progress of the server. You will be able to see what we've worked on in the past, alongside getting a glimpse of future updates that are being pushed to the network. These changes will be announced on the server itself, and you will also be able to provide feedback.

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Welcome to Enderix Network

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Hello Everyone!
We have some exciting news to share about Enderix!

Wait - ENDERIX?!

➤ Name and Logo Changes
Yes, that's right. We're changing server names. With the theme of starting afresh, we have decided to make drastic changes to our server. As such, with a new name comes a new beginning. And a new logo!

We'll be changing our server IP to mc.enderix.net alongside making the necessary updates across our platforms! This decision was taken so that we could start as a new server with a new identity. This is a positive step in the right direction for the future of Enderix Network. Furthermore, we realised that the name "Hatrex" no longer seemed appropriate given that this server is no longer run by the founders from whom this joint name originates. This unique name - Enderix - is relevant to the current state of our server, run and managed by a new set of people than the founders that...

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