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Enderix - Testing environment


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Dec 30, 2019

We have some awesome news to share with regards to the status of our network. As you may know from previous development updates, we've been working for quite some time on the server. But we always felt that we lacked in terms of communication and providing you with updates. Whether this was due to lack of time, loss of motivation, or some other reason - we had to improve on this aspect.

And that's why we're releasing a live testing environment of the server.

But wait, a live testing environment? What do you mean?

ℹ More information
We will be opening the server to the public, and players will be able to follow the progress of the server. You will be able to see what we've worked on in the past, alongside getting a glimpse of future updates that are being pushed to the network. These changes will be announced on the server itself, and you will also be able to provide feedback.

Please note that no data that is saved is final and things will change over time. You may find your statistics or any coins you've collected in The Riot to be cleared at any time. Additionally, you might encounter bugs or other issues - after all - we are still in development. We are doing this to provide you a unique way to follow the progress of the server. It will also help us find unknown bugs before our full release to provide a smoother final gameplay. Once we make any changes in the live testing environment, we will be displaying them in a join message listing major changes made in the day (if any) so you know what we have worked on as well.

📌 Final notes
We hope that this is a positive step in our development process. Whilst we do not aim for player growth during the live testing environment, we hope to see some community involvement so that we can receive feedback, and also to reassure you that we have indeed been working on the network and have made genuine progress. While we are not releasing every feature of the game, the aim is to show you some progress and the basic functionality of the game, ideally receiving feedback and bug fixing to tweak the game for its final release.

With the name change up and running, this seems like the perfect time. So log on to mc.enderix.net and check out our first game - The Riot, and it's future progress!