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Jan 5, 2020
Hello Everyone!
We have some exciting news to share about Enderix!

Wait - ENDERIX?!

➤ Name and Logo Changes
Yes, that's right. We're changing server names. With the theme of starting afresh, we have decided to make drastic changes to our server. As such, with a new name comes a new beginning. And a new logo!

We'll be changing our server IP to mc.enderix.net alongside making the necessary updates across our platforms! This decision was taken so that we could start as a new server with a new identity. This is a positive step in the right direction for the future of Enderix Network. Furthermore, we realised that the name "Hatrex" no longer seemed appropriate given that this server is no longer run by the founders from whom this joint name originates. This unique name - Enderix - is relevant to the current state of our server, run and managed by a new set of people than the founders that created Hatrex. A quick thanks to @Thaustic who led the brainstorming process and devised this incredible new name. We hope you like it!

➤ Staff Team Restructuring
We've also worked on restructuring the staff team. Keeping in mind the forward moving mindset, we have made changes that makes our staff team a lot more convenient for everyone.

As you may have noticed, we removed the 'Owner' role a while back and now simply have Management. This is the core leadership group under which fall the 3 managers: iConfueZ, TheFastBowler, and Thaustic. Each of us 3 manage various departments of the servers. Zrathex now holds the 'Founder' role thereby exiting the management team, however, his opinions are still heard and considered in managerial discussions.

Finally, we have removed all inactive staff in our team. Even till a couple of weeks ago, we had a few inactive staff members around our team who do not play Minecraft anymore or are uninterested in working for the server. We have asked each and every one of them if they want to stay with us as we get closer to our eventual release or if they would like to leave. As such, we currently have a smaller, more compact staff team - yet this is what seems appropriate for our current situation and state of operations. Staff team expansion will take place when it is necessary post server release or when it becomes appropriate for us to recruit members in certain positions.

With this, the staff team has become more relaxed and simplistic for everyone, externally and internally. We have re-organized in this manner for the convenience of all parties involved and it will allow for smooth transitions and communication as well as decision making and execution.

Given that staff positions are widely popular, do keep an eye out on the forums for any position openings in the future!

➤ New Discord Server
Continuing with the theme of starting afresh, we're releasing a new Discord server. This is to ensure that all our inactive members are no longer left lurking around the community and we have a set of new community members who are excited and ready to take on the future of Enderix Network. You can join the new Discord server here. Our old Discord server will be deactivated for all non-management members on August 1, 2020 and everyone else will be removed from the Discord, so please join the new one if you are interested in following our server news and interacting with us!

➤ Development Status
Presently, we are continuing work on The Riot (FFA) as described in our previous 3 Development updates. We will share more information regarding it as and when relevant in the near future.

➤ Final Thoughts
As always, if you have any inputs you would like to provide, please do so - your suggestions are always heard. Feedback and ideas are highly appreciated so that we can deliver a server that you would like to play on. We hope to see a very active, enthusiastic player base. Please reach out to us if you have any thoughts or create a thread in the 'Suggestions' forum! Our fresh start looks to be a promising one for all.

We hope that everyone is keeping safe and clean during the current situation and advise you all to take care of your health and safety.
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